Academic Publications

Book Chapters, Sole Author:
Sgroi, R. (2010) Chapter 4: Media Literacy. In GNED 500 Global
Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action. (pp. 64-74).
Toronto: Pearson Learning Solutions.

Sgroi, R. (2010) Chapter 8: Global Citizenship. In ibid (pp. 192-205).

Sgroi, R. (2006) Authentic Reality TV Selves: The Case for Melodrama.
In Barker, Anthony (Ed.),Television, Aesthetics, Reality.
(pp.225-247). Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press.

Book Chapters, Co-authored:
Ali, K. & Sgroi, R. (2010) Chapter 3: Understanding Social Analysis:
The Roots of Change. In GNED 500 Global Citizenship: From Social
Analysis to Social Action. (pp. 33-53). Toronto: Pearson Learning

Sgroi, R., & Kieltyka, A. (2010) Chapter 1: Citizenship in a Global
World. In ibid (pp. 1-9).

Sgroi, R., & Ali, K. (2010) Chapter 5: Who Am I? Exploring Our
Identities as Global Citizens. In ibid. (pp. 89-111).

Refereed Journal Publications:

Sgroi, R. (2006) Consuming the Reality TV Wedding. Ethnologies:
Journal of the Folklore Studies Association of Canada. Special
issue: Wedding Realities. vol. 28, iss. 2, pp. 1-19.

Sgroi, R. (2006) Joe Millionaire and Women’s Positions: A Question of Class,” Feminist Media Studies, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 281-295.

Sgroi, R. (2005) Narrative Regulation and the Construction of Female
Subjects on Joe Millionaire”, Englishes: Letterature Inglesi
Contemporanee, vol. 9, iss. 27, pp. 37-49.

Published Conference Proceedings:
Sgroi, R. (2006) The Subject of Confession on Romance Reality TV. In
Mathé, Sylvie & Gilles Teulié (Eds.), Cultures de la confession:
formes de l’aveu dans le monde anglophone. (pp. 75-83). Provence:
Publications de l’Université de Provence.
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