I’ve been thinking about architecture lately.  Maybe it’s because I read my poem, “Ex-house” recently at the launch of The Banister (Niagara Poetry Anthology). It’s a poem that uses architectural metaphors to explore the breakdown of a relationship.  For instance, the poem’s first line begins with “I am exploring architecture”. This line sets the toneContinue reading “Architecture”

February asks: why write poetry?

I was asked recently to speak about poetry to a class of students in an elementary school. As a “real”, living and breathing poet, the teacher asked if I could talk to the students about what poetry is like “out there” in the “real world”, and, more especially, to explain why people write poetry. TheContinue reading “February asks: why write poetry?”

And so begins 2018…

I’m excited to say that 2018 has begun with the publication of three of my poems! (You’ll find them listed on the publications page.) Thanks to Anne Burke of The Prairie Journal,  and Bunny Iskov of Verse Afire, ) This looks to be a promising year as I complete the editing of Written Tenfold, an anthology of verse by poetsContinue reading “And so begins 2018…”