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 I am exploring architecture
 I am figuring intent
 I am tracing dry façades
 I am pouring wet cement
 I am staring out a window
 I am wandering through rooms
 I am laughing at my shadows
 I am massing out my gloom 
 I am glazing walls and door frames
 I am measuring the ground
 I am thinking of a sonnet
 I am sobbing in its sound
 I am nailing floorboard planks
 I am breathing in their glow
 I am begging for you barefoot
 I am planing what I owe
 I am dancing in the kitchen
 I am drinking down my lust
 I am excavating stone tears
 I am sweeping out my dust
 I am carving to see daylight
 I am scaling for today
 I am exploring architecture
 I am building out, a/way  

© Renée M. Sgroi, 2018

Originally published in The Banister, Niagara Poetry Anthology, vol. 33 (2018), "Ex-house" won an honourable mention in The Open Heart Anthology 13 contest (2019) published by Beret Days Press.

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